Paul O'Donohue

Founder and Group CEO Global

After 10 years as an electrician, I discovered a passion for sales and was thrilled when I found out that sales is a science too. So when organisations are not reaching their sales objectives, the first step is taking an approach of an electrician - find what the problem is and then wrap around a solution to fix the problem

Founding SalesStar and putting our core purpose and our clients first: "growing people to grow sales and business". Focusing on this has helped scale SalesStar into one of Australasia's leading sales development companies.  

Founder and CEO, my job at this stage is to continue with product development and to grow global operations.

My purpose in life is to "make a difference". I found a way to do this through 20 years in studying sales and being able to pass this on to our clients. I get a kick out of hearing success stories from our clients. 

Sales has changed more in the last 5 years than the last 50 years. They key is to keep ahead of all the changes and being able to continually to improve.

You're a long time dead! This is not a dress rehearsal so make the most of it. You can leave a legacy long after you have gone so what difference are you going to make?


Grant Holland

CEO Australia and New Zealand

I have been people-oriented and results-focused with particular strengths in sales leadership obtained from National Sales, Head of Sales, Director of Sales and CEO roles.

In sales it would be securing a $35 million dollar win, and in sales leadership it would be transforming a large financial services organisation.

Head of High Performance – providing leadership and high performance across SalesStar, adding to sales growth for SalesStar and our clients.

A strong sense of purpose to help people and organisations to achieve beyond what was thought possible, and a sense of responsibility to make a beneficial impact to businesses in New Zealand.

Externally: Buyer behaviour changes and how a crisis can also be a big driver for change. 

Internally: A vision to go from where we are now to where we want to be or need to be. For me a vision has to have real meaning for everyone in the organisation and they have to have a strong ‘why’.

For me it’s about understanding purpose, and then following through on purpose, with a healthy dose of wondering just what’s possible.


Alex Chan

Head of Learning & Development Global

I have sold everything from printing, packaging and capital equipment, to business equipment, stationery, professional services and diamonds.

At many stages of my career I have also been a Sales Manager, and completed numerous management contract roles to assisting with improving non-performing sales teams.

Within sales it would be when I sold $15 million dollars worth of diamonds – involving syndicates of collectors and international buyers. In one of my contract roles as a Sales Manager, I increased regional sales by 300 per cent within a 12 month time frame.

I am the Head of Learning and within this position I lead product development, including research and development of cutting edge training programmes, as well as global initiatives to develop trainers in other countries to deliver SalesStar products.

I get contacted periodically by people I've trained over the past 26 years who tell me about the life changing successes they've enjoyed as a result of my influence as a trainer and business advisor.

If I had to choose just one top driver for change, without any doubt it is leadership. Change management is a core leadership skill, because all major change must be well led, especially if it's to get positive results like growing sales. Good leadership inspires the vision for change.

I love hearing stories of people who had a great vision, who took risks, overcame both the odds and those who tried to stop them, broke away from the norms, challenged the process, and won. These people inspire me to greatness.


Kat Davey

General Manager

I have 25 years in sales with roles ranging from retail, to territory sales rep, sales manager, commission-only sales, and key account management. And, in addition to that, ownership of a import/ distribution business selling to retailers in NZ.

Landing a key account which tripled the company’s sales revenue within one year, and then grew year-on-year as we gained share of wallet.

I wear many hats! From a general management one, to a newer hat in operations, and lastly my favourite hat, which is working with clients as a coach, trainer and recruitment expert on Objective Management Group pre-hire assessment findings.

I believe what we do at SalesStar makes an absolute difference, and that the work I do with clients to help them recruit amazing salespeople and sales managers has lasting effects.

I subscribe to Jim Collins' point of view – get the right people on the bus, in the right seats and focused on the right activity.

As a young nipper of 19 I attended an Outward Bound adventure programme which changed my outlook on life. I learnt there to “go hard” and live each and every day as if it's your last. 


Jason Dinan

Head of Sales ANZ

I have 19 years of developing high performing sales teams and sales leaders in 22 countries. Since early 2005, I have been working with over 70 CEOs to uncover millions of dollars in sales by developing high performing sales teams. 

Managing over 400 sales people and sales leaders in five European countries.

As Head of Global Sales, I use the latest research and assessment tools, combined with decades of hands on experience, to generate significant results for our clients.

The desire to see them execute things that they have never done before and take their organisations to a success level never achieved before.

Developing a stronger mindset within a best practice sales culture.

My goals put me outside of my comfort zone every day to allow me to live an extraordinary life. I also have two beautiful children and am passionate about nutrition and sports. 


Steve Bambury

Head of Marketing

With a specialty in sales and leadership roles, and over 30 years of practical hands-on experience, from sales rep to CEO, I have helped numerous companies enjoy exponential growth working across a variety of different industries.

One example came through the global financial crisis in an industry where global sales reduced by almost 70 per cent. I was able to lead a sales team to increase sales revenues by over 10 times within four years, while also increasing margins.

I am a Sales Development Specialist and also head the marketing team.

The opportunity to develop and grow people to assist their business to expand and make a positive difference in the world.

The ability for people to accept what they don’t know. And to embrace partnerships with others to compliment their own expertise in a win/win relationship.

Developing people to achieve more than they thought possible of themselves and their business.


Katherine Moore

Sales Development Support

My first job when I returned to Auckland from my O.E in 1989 was working as a telesales consultant for a parcel company. It was a great introduction to the exciting world of sales and since then I have sold third party logistics, recruitment and gym memberships.

A lot of my roles have been behind the scenes, enabling others to close the deal. Their wins are my wins and I love being part of a supportive, high performing team.

I work as sales and marketing support.  This involves following up leads, making appointments with prospects and on boarding new clients.

I’m excited by seeing other people’s personal growth and development over the years. When they share a success story, or you can coach them through a difficult strategy, you know that what you are doing makes a difference.

Having a leader who is visionary, who wants to make a difference and is open minded enough to accept they don’t have all the answers. They will gather good people and businesses around them to facilitate this vision.

Balance - taking time to smell the roses.

Work hard at work, but make the most of your leisure time with the people you love. 


Colin Quinn

Head of Learning and Development ANZ

Moving from the green pastures of horticulture into a sales career that has involved many years in payments and POS, through to international express freight, software and recruitment/sales training.

Taking on a National Sales Manager role for a leading edge start-up in the POS space, which is now one of the country's most credible and established providers, was really satisfying.

I am fortunate enough to work with some of SalesStar's top clients, to provide a wide range of development and learning strategies. I get to train, coach and inspire sales people and sales managers towards sales excellence.

A genuine passion for sales success. It's not something you can fake. You either are driven to contribute to sales people's elite levels of performance or you don't. Sales makes the world of commerce go round and it's a tough gig. 

Organisations that have a burning desire or need to do better and compete in a global market that gets more competitive, and unfortunately, more commoditised.

My family. And if I can do a job that others benefit from, then this rounds out my life and delivers a high level of satisfaction.


Grant Shields

Learning and Development Specialist

I have extensive experience in the facilitation of sales training, along with years of ‘on the ground’ sales negotiating throughout various industries – with over 700 hours of facilitation to small and large groups.

Securing a $150,000 training assignment with NZSKI, which included creation and implementation of 900+ staff and 80 leaders over a three year period. This resulted in NZSKI winning several customer service and innovation awards.

Learning & Development Specialist. 

I love to identify and develop strengths within individuals, sales teams, and businesses. Building these key elements, and directing them in such a way that they ‘fit’ and work together, is essential to create a clear passion, purpose and direction.

People – I live by a mantra “actively engage others in the possibility of their own excellence”. By doing this within an organisation, both culture and results grow.

My inspiration is simple. Everyday I want to bask in the happiness of the smile of youthful exuberance on the faces of my amazing children.