Our programmes and processes have been developed using extensive research that has been undertaken across the globe, which ensures you will get the impact and results you've been seeking. 

With data collected on over one million salespeople from more than 11,000 companies around the world, and independently validated at over 95 per cent accurate, we take the guesswork out of sales to give you the confidence to invest in development that actually works. 

This is how we put the science into selling. 

1 Assess and evaluate your current sales assets

The first step in the process is to obtain absolute clarity on your current situation and clearly define what’s not working and why. Evaluation must be carried out before any recommendations or training is put in place - because how would you know how to fix something before understanding your actual issues?

After the assessment has been completed, we’ll even show you the growth potential of your team, and accurately demonstrate the return on investment that you’ll enjoy from our collaboration.

Establish strategic foundations

After evaluating your sales team and processes to understand key areas of inefficiency and performance issues, the next step is to use best practice techniques to develop and improve all functionalities of your sales department.

This includes sales strategies, target markets and identifying critical sales metrics that need to be challenged and re-defined. It is also imperative that you develop a strong value proposition to support your company’s competitive advantage – and we will certainly assist you to develop strong statements that work.

3 Hire ‘A’ players

Did you know that only 26 per cent of salespeople have the right skills to be successful? And that there are five major weaknesses that can be identified using the right assessment tools? Or how about the fact that there are only three characteristics which will determine whether a salesperson is successful?

Knowing and understanding these quite startling statistics, as well as how to identify them in your current sales team (and before bringing on anyone new), is imperative to moving forward with growth for your business. We are able to provide you a variety of global best practice tools that will ensure you never have to ‘guess’ next time you are looking to hire.

4 Customised training programmes

Once we have worked with you to evaluate all aspects of your sales team, provided a strategic plan around what changes to make going forward, and have shown you how to hire the best people for your team, we then move onto training.

We use a blended learning approach with a mix of live training and self-paced, online learning modules. These customised sales programmes are available for both your managers and the wider sales team, with online tests and quizzes to enhance the learning experience and ensure positive, enduring change.

5 Measurable results and accountability

Last, but definitely not least, we assist you to put in place the right tools required to continue to measure results, and hold the sales team accountable to the behaviours that drive sales success.

Accurate forecasting and continued reporting is vital to achieve peak sales performance, and by setting all of these in place as an ‘end’ point, it means you and your sales managers will be well-equipped to measure ongoing performance, and trigger the right coaching required for your team.