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Insights and advice to help grow sales in your business

SalesStar secures two New Zealand International Business Awards finalist spots

The team at SalesStar 04 Oct 2021


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Two Things You Need to Know to Negotiate Like a Boss

Alex Chan 25 Sep 2021

Do you negotiate with customers daily? Are your margins eroded due to price pressure from competition? Can deadline pressure result from tough negotiations? Can customer complaints result in negotiation?

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Is having a sales mindset really that important?

Pete Evans 23 Aug 2021

And can success in sales and other walks of life really be attributed to mindset?

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Why Deals Stall

Alex Chan 21 Jul 2021

I remember in my sales management days I inherited a BDM when I started a new job whom I’ll call “Peter”. He had over $4 million  worth of opportunities he was waiting to close, and plenty of new opportunities he had generated too. His pipeline was more than impressive, it was exciting. However, as the weeks turned into months most of the deals weren’t closing. They had stalled.

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Sales Coaching

What can we learn from sport about the value of coaching?

Pete Evans 23 Jun 2021

Great athletes and sports teams both value the importance of great coaching as it provides them with a clear focus.

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Why Data Driven Sales Teams Outperform All Others

Alex Chan 23 Mar 2021


Do you want to know one of the most common weaknesses we find when asked to improve a sales team? 

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Sales process

Why ‘A’ Player Salespeople Have Covid Immunity

Alex Chan 25 Feb 2021

“Covid!”  “Lockdown!”  “Adapt!”  “Pivot!” 

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Sales growth

Kick Start 2021 With a Sales Plan

Paul O’Donohue 25 Jan 2021


Do you have a Sales Plan for making 2021 your best year in business? 

It is the old adage; If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!  With a sales plan, you have clarity. It’s the guaranteed fast-track to growth.

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Sales process

Digital Sales Transformation

Paul O’Donohue 10 Dec 2020

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Sales leadership

Everyone has a plan until...

Paul O’Donohue 10 Nov 2020

Mike Tyson the heavyweight champion of the world was famously quoted that "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”

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