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Insights and advice to help grow sales in your business

Sales growth

Kick Start 2021 With a Sales Plan

Paul O’Donohue 25 Jan 2021


Do you have a Sales Plan for making 2021 your best year in business? 

It is the old adage; If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!  With a sales plan, you have clarity. It’s the guaranteed fast-track to growth.

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Sales process

Digital Sales Transformation

Paul O’Donohue 10 Dec 2020

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Sales leadership

Everyone has a plan until...

Paul O’Donohue 10 Nov 2020

Mike Tyson the heavyweight champion of the world was famously quoted that "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”

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Sales tips Assessments Sales strategy Sales process

Calling Prospects: Are you getting a good return on your time?

Paul O’Donohue 22 Apr 2019

Are you getting a good ROT on your sales calls?

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Sales strategy Sales growth

How to develop a sales process: 4 steps you need to know

Paul O’Donohue 20 Feb 2018

The sales process is the epicentre of everything in sales—getting it wrong can send shockwaves through your business. A lack of process means salespeople constantly wing it, sales cycles linger on for what seems like forever, and sales leaders are left frustrated and unable to manage their teams. All this translates to inconsistent sales results, a position no manager likes to be in.

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Sales strategy Sales growth

Your sales plan: your roadmap to sales success

Paul O’Donohue 13 Feb 2018

After completing a sales analysis, you should have a good understanding of what’s working and not working for your sales team and your business at large. It’s now time to strategically hone-in on the weak points and create a plan to develop these areas—and set your growth targets. This is your sales plan; it’s one part strategy, one part execution, and is a vital roadmap to your goals.

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Sales growth

Want laser-focused sales growth? It starts with a sales analysis

Paul O’Donohue 08 Feb 2018

Imagine you’re ill. Not the head-cold kind of ill, but the chest-pain kind. You go to the doctor, who immediately schedules you for open heart surgery that afternoon. Following doctor’s orders, you go, get sedated and allow a surgeon to investigate your vital inner workings. The diagnosis? Indigestion! You’ve just wasted however many thousands of dollars on surgery, an afternoon—plus, a bucket load of stress—on a solution before you had a proper diagnosis.

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Sales strategy

How effective is your sales strategy?

Paul O’Donohue 12 Nov 2015

For most businesses the sectors into which they sell have changed over the past five to seven years.

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Sales tips

Achieve success with this sales target formula

Paul O’Donohue 09 Jun 2015

Having no future sales visibility is the number one challenge that CEOs face.

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Sales tips

5 sales KPI pitfalls to avoid at all costs

Paul O’Donohue 20 Oct 2014

Sales KPIs can make, or break, your sales results and here are five common mistakes when developing sales KPIs.

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