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Insights and advice to help grow sales in your business

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How Calling Less Prospects Will Get You More Clients

The team at SalesStar 05 Dec 2018

Cold calling is tough.

As we have touched on in our other blogs there is always rejection to contend with, hence having the right mindset, routines and doing the preparation required is vital.

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How to Master the Cold-Calling Mindset

The team at SalesStar 26 Nov 2018


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“Growing people is key to growing sales”: coaching for sales performance

The team at SalesStar 03 Apr 2018

Not coaching a sales team is like putting 91 petrol into a high-performance car. It’s going to strain the engine, reduce its performance and make it less economical to run.

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Overcoming the skills gap: 6 steps to develop solid sales skills

The team at SalesStar 27 Mar 2018

Not having the right set of skills and knowledge will hamstring any team—no matter how good their mindset is. Training up sales reps to ensure they have the necessary skills to perform in their role is vital, but it’s not always easy.

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Assessing a sales mindset: the hidden weaknesses to watch out for

The team at SalesStar 20 Mar 2018

In sales, it really is mind over matter. No amount of skills training will overcome a poor selling psychology. In fact, at SalesStar we’ve found that 80 per cent of a salesperson’s success comes down to mindset. It’s why hiring people with the right mindset is so critical to developing a high-performance sales team. But what sort of mental attitude should sales managers look for?

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Recruiting sales reps? Then it’s a good time rethink your sales recruitment strategy

The team at SalesStar 13 Mar 2018

Gut feel is not a recruitment strategy. Yet, many organisations still rely on it to recruit their salespeople. It’s a hit and (mostly) miss strategy, and it can severely impact a company’s ability to grow. Onboarding an ineffective salesperson is not going to help you hit your growth targets. However, a solid sales recruitment strategy will.

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Creating effective sales managers: are your leaders actually leading?

The team at SalesStar 06 Mar 2018

Sales has a problem—or rather, a shortage. Effective sales leaders are hard to find. Research from over 100,000 sales managers has found that 18 per cent of all sales managers should not be in the role and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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KPIs and sales systems: the essential tools for effective selling

The team at SalesStar 27 Feb 2018

As the founder of modern management, Peter Drucker, once said, “What gets measured gets improved.” Without a set of sales KPIs and an effective system to track and monitor them, a sales team is operating without knowing where the goal posts are.

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5 secrets to perfect the timing of your sales proposal

The team at SalesStar 15 Nov 2017

You’ve nailed your opening call, delivered a superb value proposition and you’ve piqued your client’s curiosity. But there’s only a small window of opportunity to present a proposal, so timing is mission critical. Are you sure you’re ready––and what about the client? Is there such a thing as too soon in the world of consultative selling? 

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4 truths consultative sellers need to know about modern B2B buyers

The team at SalesStar 09 Nov 2017

Buying behaviour has gone through radical changes since the arrival of the internet and the growing eCommerce industry. If you want to connect with your buyers, understand their changing consumer needs, and ultimately make sales, here’s what you need to know about them.

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