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Insights and advice to help grow sales in your business

Sales strategy

Why a lack of a consultative sales approach can hurt your company

The team at SalesStar 06 Sep 2017

Research from the Objective Management Group involving over 1.1 million salespeople tells us that the lowest performing 10 per cent of salespeople, have less than 42 per cent of the consultative sell skills need to succeed.

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Sales strategy

What is consultative selling—and why is it good for business?

The team at SalesStar 29 Aug 2017

In a world where new marketing strategies enter the market every other week, often touted as the next and best, consultative selling still continues to outperform all other B2B sales strategies. The catch? You’ve got to do it right.

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Sales training

A customer service training programme is essential for sales growth

The team at SalesStar 08 Aug 2017

Lead generation, cold calling, prospecting, networking – these are all essential things for a salesperson to do in order to meet targets and bring in revenue, right? Not always. 

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Sales recruitment

Why sales recruitment is a science, not a challenge

The team at SalesStar 01 Aug 2017

In 2014, Hot Springs Spas blew their annual sales records out of the water. Until then, the highest number of units sold in a year had been 109. In 2014, three of the company’s new recruits sold 153, 126 and 103 units respectively, with very little tenure in the business.

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Sales leadership Sales training

Why sales leadership training is a must for 93 per cent of sales leaders

The team at SalesStar 25 Jul 2017

Once the strategic foundations of your sales plan have been laid, the next vital step is to ensure your sales leaders are capable of executing the strategy. Unfortunately, most sales managers simply don’t have the skills necessary to lead their team to success. 

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Sales process

Want the best sales process? Start with a solid strategic foundation

The team at SalesStar 18 Jul 2017

A sales department is the engine of your business. As a sum of interlocking and connected parts, if something goes amiss it stops operating at full strength (or just ceases altogether). That's why it needs a solid system to run off – your sales process.

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Sales training

Why customer service training is crucial for fuelling sales

The team at SalesStar 11 Jul 2017

In most organisations, the customer service department and the sales team are two separate entities. But in actual fact, they should be treated as part of a customer cycle, and not be divided in their purpose or function.

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Sales recruitment

Don’t trust your gut! Why a sales recruitment strategy is vital

The team at SalesStar 04 Jul 2017

Our research shows that 46 per cent of hires fail within the first 18 months on the job. Why? It comes down to a number of factors—from simple incompetence to misunderstanding the role—but possibly the most crucial is strategy.

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Sales leadership Sales strategy

4 strategies to grow sales every sales leader needs

The team at SalesStar 27 Jun 2017

There have been all kinds of leaders through human history. Some good, some bad, some neither. But no matter their qualities, the one thing they all have in common is power—and the ability to influence those they led.

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Sales growth

4 mistakes that lead to an ineffective sales process

The team at SalesStar 20 Jun 2017

All too often salespeople are told that in order to achieve their sales targets they need to network and build relationships, assist potential clients with decision making, or confirm joint commitments.

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