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5 things that prevent your sales training from failing miserably!

Steve Bambury 29 Jan 2015



The sad fact is that sales training, on its own, doesn’t work and worse still there are typical reasons why it fails that, if avoided, can totally change the outcome.

Here are five simple tips to consider that can make all the difference and ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes that so many companies do when it comes to developing and growing your sales.

  1. In an attempt to save money from the start some companies simply choose off-the-shelf, generic training programmes that typically have little or no relevance to the needs of your team – avoid these at all costs!
  2. Take the time to evaluate the needs of your team before you prescribe a training solution. Clearly identify where your team is now and where you need them to be to deliver the results you desire.
  3. Ask the tough questions – do I have the right people in the right roles to take us on the journey? Find a sales assessment tool that will answer these questions, preferably one that also shows you their growth potential. Define what success looks like. It sounds pretty simple but is often overlooked. Take the time to describe the outcomes you want to achieve and share them with both your team and the training provider.
  4. Measure your performance against your goals. Establish key metrics that clearly show your progress and provide both transparency and a framework of accountability for all involved.

Failure to assess the needs of your team and clearly define the outcomes required will likely lead to a generic training programme that either has content that’s not required, leaves out relevant and important content that is actually needed or, worse still, a combination of both!

Whatever the case, if you don’t evaluate and assess your team and clearly define the objectives and desired outcomes the result is all too often a training programme with little or no relevance to what’s truly needed to support your team in the field and an ROI that won’t delight your key stakeholders.  


To understand why training companies have been milking you, plus other key common mistakes that are easily avoided, download our free white paper: Why Sales Training Does NOT Work.


Why Sales Training Does Not Work


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