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Our secret recipe for a triumphant sales team

The team at SalesStar 17 Mar 2017

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We help businesses create triumphant sales teams – and we’re willing to share our secret recipe for success with you.

Our recipe is simple yet effective: we put the science into selling.

Some businesses rely on luck, intuition and good faith. Others rely on hard work, long hours and hoping for the best.

We rely on science – on tested methodologies that are proven to work. That’s how we get it right, time after time.

“We take a holistic approach to sales development using proven methodologies that provide measurable results,” says Alex Chan, SalesStar’s Global Director Learning.

“Everything we do is based on extensive research and real-world data. We don’t leave success up to chance.”

Ready to boost your sales team's performance? Here are the ingredients you need:

Ingredient one: research

We dedicate a large portion of time to staying up-to-date with current sales trends and data. Over the years, we have reviewed hundreds of research sources. Here are some of our favourites:

  • The Objective Management Group (OMG). A leader in the sales space, OMG has collected data from more than one million salespeople around the world, across 11,000 companies and more than 200 industries.
  • Professor Neil Rackham. You may have heard of Neil’s book, SPIN Selling, a celebrated expose on the art of selling that changed the way many people approach business. He’s been conducting sales research since the 1970s and has studied more than 10,000 salespeople in 23 countries. He’s also analysed data from 35,000 sales calls.
  • The Sales Executive Council. The Council has conducted extensive research into 90 sales companies and 6,000 salespeople. They have also researched every major global industry and launched ‘The Challenger Sale’ book by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson. 

Ingredient two: experience

We’ve also taught ourselves the science of selling by working with hundreds of business owners throughout the world.

“We have had decades of experience helping our clients improve results,” says SalesStar group chief executive, Paul O’Donohue.

“We never get complacent and pride ourselves on staying on the cutting-edge of research, with the goal of giving our clients an edge.”

So far, our experience has taught us lessons such as:

“Our clients choose us because we take the guesswork out of helping them truly understand their sales organisation,” says Paul.

“We pinpoint the areas that are preventing sales, and help sales leaders make informed and intelligent decisions around what they need to do to turn their business around and grow sales.”

Ready to unleash the science of selling on your team? Attend one of our upcoming training events and learn how to become a selling star.

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