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SalesStar Wins Objective Management Group's Top Global Partner Award Three Years In A Row

The team at SalesStar 23 Apr 2019

SalesStar Ltd have been awarded No.1 Global Partner for the third year in a row at the Objective Management Group, Inc. (OMG) annual conference in Boston, USA. 

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Calling Prospects: Are you getting a good return on your time?

Paul O’Donohue 22 Apr 2019

Are you getting a good ROT on your sales calls?

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How to select top sales performers in less than 5 minutes

The team at SalesStar 08 Mar 2016

Phone interviews are a must before bringing in someone for a face-to-face interview – it is another way to cut down time spent on recruitment and if you have a robust screening process, you will be able to select top sales performers in a quicker time frame.

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How to use a sales assessment for accurate pre-hire screening

The team at SalesStar 29 Feb 2016

Using the right assessments in the sales hiring process should always be non-negotiable, as it takes the guesswork out of an extremely important part of recruitment – finding the best people to shortlist and interview.

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Using sales evaluation tools to save time when recruiting salespeople

The team at SalesStar 25 Feb 2016

Recruitment takes up a lot of time, and because of this there can be a tendency to rush some aspects of the process. But with the right automation, much of the labour-intensive side of things (like sifting through applications) can be significantly reduced.

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How to evaluate your sales team using assessment tools

The team at SalesStar 09 Jul 2015

Reviewing your sales team’s performance is a must, but how do you do it effectively to ensure you get the most accurate and applicable results? By making sure you use the right assessment. 

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There is science behind evaluating your sales team

The team at SalesStar 07 Jul 2015

One point that may arise out of comparing your sales team to a health issue is that behind a doctor’s diagnosis there is scientific data, information based on research.

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Reviewing sales performance – why guessing doesn’t work

The team at SalesStar 02 Jul 2015

If you went to the doctor with a pain in your knee and their first recommendation was that you should have surgery so they could see what the problem was – it’s likely you would get a second opinion.

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