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Insights and advice to help grow sales in your business

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Why a lack of sales skills is holding New Zealand businesses back

The team at SalesStar 13 Jun 2017

As globalisation and other key pressures continue to affect the growth of New Zealand businesses, it is imperative that CEOs understand the potential uncertainties facing their organisation and industry.

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Our secret recipe for a triumphant sales team

The team at SalesStar 17 Mar 2017

We help businesses create triumphant sales teams – and we’re willing to share our secret recipe for success with you.

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Sales growth

Understand category vs. product selling to grow sales

Alex Chan 19 Nov 2015

If selling on value is the way to defeat selling on price then what can we do to provide more value to increase our sales results?

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Sales growth

How to set your sales goals, and plan to achieve them

The team at SalesStar 07 Oct 2015

Imagine if professional athletes set out each day to train without any idea of what they needed to achieve – they thought “oh well, I’ll just run as fast as I can and hopefully that will get me into the Olympics”.

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Sales growth

What are your short term priorities to accelerate sales growth?

The team at SalesStar 11 Aug 2015

After evaluating your sales team it is likely that you want to set up short term, mid term and long term priorities in order to achieve sales growth

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Sales growth

What is your business's growth potential after sales training?

The team at SalesStar 28 Jul 2015

Before you decide whether you want to put in the time to develop your sales team, you probably want to know what your business’s growth potential is. You'll probably also what to know what your return on investment will be after taking the time to train and coach your sales team.

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Sales growth

Mindset vs sales skills - which will achieve better sales growth?

The team at SalesStar 21 Jul 2015

Did you know that mindset is responsible for 80 per cent of an individual’s success in sales? That means no matter how many training courses someone goes on to develop their negotiation tactics or improve their cold calling skills, if mindset isn’t covered, then success and sales growth will always be limited.

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Sales growth

Only 26% of salespeople have these key elements for sales growth

The team at SalesStar 16 Jul 2015

According to published research, only 26 per cent of salespeople have the skills to be successful (with 6 per cent being elite).

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