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Insights and advice to help grow sales in your business

Sales process

What is the first thing you need to do before creating a sales process?

The team at SalesStar 25 Oct 2016

As soon as people discover that creating a sales process is integral to sales success, they immediately ask the question, “how do I create one?”

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Sales process

Want to increase sales by 20 per cent? Develop a sales process

The team at SalesStar 20 Oct 2016

Yes, you read this headline right – by developing a sales process, you could increase your sales. By exactly how much, you may ask? This is up for debate. Depending on whether you listen to Dave Kurlan or the Harvard Business Review, you can expect to enjoy 18-20 per cent growth from a sales process alone.

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Sales process

Be like Henry Ford: follow a sales process

The team at SalesStar 18 Oct 2016

“Do I really need a sales process?” We know that’s what you’re thinking, and we can understand your hesitation. Developing a sales process sounds suspiciously like creating more paperwork – and we bet you’ve already got enough of that on your plate.

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