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Lonza Wood Protection: Written Case Study

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-Lonza Wood Protection partnered with SalesStar in March 2015 to have them undertake an audit on their technical sales team and processes. Lonza were looking to understand what was holding them back from achieving better sales results and, more importantly, guidance on how to overcome this. At the time, Lonza were also struggling to hire the right sales candidates; ones that could be coached and brought up to speed quickly, so they could begin actively selling. 



-After completing an evaluation of the people, systems, processes and strategies currently in place at Lonza, SalesStar were able to provide the right development and training programmes, tailored specifically to the company’s unique selling environment. 

-“We started at the top and enrolled Lonza’s senior team into our Sales Leadership and Management Academy,” says Grant Holland,  A SalesStar High Performance Coach.  “This was a priority because the role of a sales leader is critical to achieving sales and margin targets that lead to an organisation’s success.

-“With real-world assignments, this programme included an extensive range of practical tools that was applied to Lonza’s sales division with immediate effect.” 

-The next stage was SalesStar’s STAR Consultative Selling programme to focus on the role of the frontline salespeople. Based on the largest and most comprehensive studies of sales techniques and performance capabilities, Lonza’s sales representatives emerged from the programme with a superior understanding of the core components required to succeed in their role.


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-It was then important for SalesStar to equip those in leadership positions with the knowledge to select the right sales professionals going forward. As part of their partnership, Lonza gained access to a salesspecific candidate assessment tool that has been voted number one in the world for six years straight.

-“It identifies those salespeople who will succeed in the specific role for which they are being recruited, interviewed and selected,” says Grant.

“In fact, 92 per cent of recommended candidates by the assessment tool go on to reach the top half of the sales force, while a staggering 75 per cent of nonrecommended candidates fail within six months.” 

-Lastly, SalesStar implemented the Account Management Programme, to ensure that Lonza Wood Protection were equipped to not only survive, but thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. Grant says that this was a crucial part of Lonza’s overall advancement, as account management is a key strategy to increase share of wallet, grow sales and improve client loyalty.

-“Organisations need to create and consistently deliver, world-class buying experiences through the development of a strong service culture,” Grant says. “It should also be supported by effective infrastructure and systems, which is why this was such an important programme for all the frontline staff at Lonza to complete."



-Since partnering with SalesStar, Lonza Wood Protection have shortened their sales cycle by 66 per cent; reducing it from 18 months to just 6 months. 

-According to Angelo Hrastov, the Asia-Pacific Sales Manager for Lonza Wood Protection, the strategies and tools SalesStar provided helped Lonza tighten up their sales systems and processes, which led to the phenomenal success of their sales leaders. They are now 100 per cent more effective. 

-“We learnt that if you want a consistent approach and to make sure your guys are doing what you need them to do, then you need to have a process that they can follow. We had processes in place for every area of our business except the one area that is fundamental to our growth – sales,” says Angelo.

-“By having a structured sales process in place, you can ensure everyone on the team is doing what you need them to do to achieve success. It was great for our guys because they all bought into the programme and said ‘now I understand the process, now I understand what I need to do to stand the best chance for success in the job role that I have’,” continues Angelo. 

-Angelo was also impressed by the team at SalesStar, touching on the fact that every single person at SalesStar has been a successful salesperson or sales manager in their own right. “They’ve been there. They’ve actually gone out into the trenches and slogged, and they understand the process. That’s been enlightening. Learning from them has been amazing. I see SalesStar as a partnership and that’s what really attracted me to them.” 

-For Lonza’s Australian Sales Manager, Greg Jensen, the Sales Leadership and Management Academy has provided him with the essential tools to lead his team in the right direction. “It’s like Google Maps, it gives me a picture and tells me where to go and how to get there, with all the details I need,” he says. 

-For sales representative Chris Riedel, the STAR Consultative Selling programme helped him understand what he needed to do to achieve success, as well as feel more confident in his role. “We now have a structure, process, coaching and accountability,” he says. 


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