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Steel & Tube: Written Case Study

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-In 2011 Steel & Tube were looking for a sales development provider that they could partner with in order to:  Understand the competencies and capabilities of the customer facing national sales team. 

-Identify specific training needs for the Sales Managers and Account Managers across the Distribution and Processing business units. 

-Develop and tailor training solutions to improve sales capability and meet the objectives of the “One Company” operating model, which meant transitioning from fragmented specialist sales teams to selling total solutions across the entire product range. 

-Deliver sales training nationwide. 

-Increase the sales effectiveness and capability across the entire external sales teams in order to maintain market share and grow top-line sales. 

-Steel & Tube were unsure if their sales teams had the capability to transition to the new model and whether or not they would respond to any training offered.



-SalesStar was selected to partner with the business, mainly because of their ability to measure the existing capabilities of the sales force through the use of the Objective Management Group (OMG) assessments and to tailor any training to ensure the company was able to close the capability gaps. 

-The initial assessment of the staff was a straightforward and insightful process to go through, according to Steel & Tube, enabling them to understand their staff and what was required to achieve the desired outcomes. 

-Following the initial assessment, SalesStar tailored sales training programmes for both Sales Managers and Account Managers that has since has been rolled out nationally, across Steel & Tube’s business. 

-These programmes included sales basics, consultative selling, negotiation skills and sales leadership.



-The details of the ROI are confidential, however Steel & Tube have confirmed that their CEO and Board are satisfied with both the increase in top-line sales and the increase in margin. 

-According to Michelle Parry, HR Business Partner “[thanks to the OMG process] the assessments provided us with an understanding of what effective sales people look like”. 

-They now have a policy of using the OMG process as a pre-hire tool for all external sales appointments. 

-Michelle continues: “SalesStar continues to be a valued business partner and have now developed programmes for the Customer Services Officers”.

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