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TrailLite: Written Case Study

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The challenges for SalesStar were the following: 

-The sales team’s mindset around selling motorhomes at trade shows; TrailLite were investing $100,000 in each trade show and just about covering their costs. 

-Self-limiting beliefs around themselves and their potential clients. 

-Lack of effective and clearly executable sales strategies.  

-Lack of a consultative approach; there were no questioning systems in place to help TrailLite’s clients understand exactly what product they needed to suit their individual needs.  -

No clearly documented sales process.  

-Lacking clarity on how they generally could be more effective at sales.

The first and most pressing challenge was to work on the biggest New Zealand motorhome show. The goal was to ensure TrailLite could capitalise on this event and get a return on investment.



SalesStar worked with TrailLite to develop the following three areas:

1. Pre, during and post show strategies.

2. The sales team’s mindset around selling at trade shows (including using the Objective Management Group (OMG) evaluation tool, which assesses the training needs for sales staff).

3. A sales questioning system (STAR).



-Within a week after the New Zealand motorhome show, the sales team had signed up eight new motorhomes (worth $200,000 each) and eight used motorhomes (worth $120,000 each). 

-Since then SalesStar has partnered with TrailLite using their Objective Management Group evaluation tool to assess the training and coaching needs of each individual sales person. They’ve rolled out the STAR embedded learning programme across the organisation. 

-SalesStar has worked closely with Mandy Davies, Sales Manager at TrailLite; and as a part of the programme she has taken SalesStar’s Sales Leadership and Management training. Thanks to the training, Mandy has become exceptionally effective at recruiting, training and coaching new team members to become top performers within weeks of their induction. 

-SalesStar helped develop and document TrailLite’s sales process. TrailLite’s stretch target for the last financial year was 14% growth. With SalesStar’s help we smashed it completely achieving a record 38% growth. 

-“Our team smashes sales using the STAR process and we can’t wait to run the STAR ‘Think Like a Customer’ programme later this year”, says Shaun Newman, General Manager at TrailLite. 

-“The STAR embedded learning programme reinforces the basic principals of having a strong mindset and STAR selling”, adds Mandy Davies.

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