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Urgent Couriers: Written Case Study

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In a crowded marketplace, particularly in Auckland, URGENT Couriers had fallen into the trap that many businesses make - to sell their service based on price.

-Most of the sales team were accustomed to simply setting and sending rates to clients and prospects, however because the model at URGENT Couriers focuses on providing a sustainable income for their contract drivers, it was becoming increasingly difficult to maximise Gross Profit when there were always discussions about price.

-“No other courier company has this policy in place for their drivers,” says Ailsa Perkins, Sales and Marketing Manager for URGENT Couriers.

-“But we do, so it meant that using price as the main focus of the sales process was a bad habit.”

-Ailsa also recognises the fact that due to not having a formal sales process in place, the mindset of the sales team was not in the right place to achieve greater results.



SalesStar’s first task was to uncover what issues were causing the pain in URGENT Courier’s sales process. They also used the science provided by the Objective Management Group (OMG) to complete sales specific evaluations on each member of the team to gain an understanding of any obstacles when it came to mindset.

-“SalesStar initially took a consultative approach to really understand our problems, and then offered training based on what we needed to address,” says Ailsa.

-“And without question, the Sales Foundation Workshop was the catalyst of not only changing the mindset of our sale’s team, but developing a sales process to complement that.”

-After full OMG sales team evaluations and the Sales Foundation Workshop, SalesStar moved on to taking the team through their STAR Consultative Selling Programme, Presentation Skills, and an Extended DISC Overview Session.

-Ailsa also went through the Sales Leadership and Management Academy, and every day she uses the knowledge gained to support her team in achieving great results.

-“It is training that any manager would find valuable. It helps me stay at the top of my game so that my team and I are all operating at the elite level.”

-“Thanks to SalesStar, I personally have not had any worries about missing out on sales or opportunities, because I know that with our new sales process and sales methodologies that it’s really unusual to lose business.”



The most significant result from the partnership with SalesStar is that URGENT Courier’s salespeople now sell value, instead of price, and this has moved the team out of scrambling for crumbs at the bottom of the market.

-“For the whole team this has reduced stress a lot. We’re not constantly in battle with price and trying to do a good job for insufficient return,” says Ailsa.

-“There has been an increase in consultative selling - recognising the best way to communicate with different personality types and roles, and the selling of value, while consistently following a predictable process".

“These are now conscious, consistent behaviours which previously, at best, were intermittent and adhoc; not by design.”

-Churn within the customer base has also decreased, due to individual reps being able to confidently deal with client challenges more effectively. They can also qualify out unprofitable and poorly fitting prospects more quickly, and it has enabled them to win business against cheaper competitors more quickly.

-“Thanks to SalesStar, I personally have not had any worries about missing out on sales or opportunities, because I know that with our new sales process and sales methodologies that it’s really unusual to lose business” says Ailsa.

-“I still can’t get over the fact that now when we pitch for new business, we win it almost every time - and it isn’t because we are the cheapest. So if you want to operate an effective, professional, elite sales team, SalesStar’s training system will get you there, right from the start. It’s not a ‘feel good hit, now and again’, but a continuous improvement programme and well worth the investment. 

-"I love the SalesStar programme. I describe it as holistic, because it starts with testing the level of the team’s skill, training to lift performance in those areas, and follows up with online reinforcement. It also retests annually to check that the learning has actually occurred and improved the sales people’s skills and attitudes.

“I am confident that the training has made my team the best in our industry and would outstrip most sales people I meet. I often meet sales people and think they really need SalesStar!”


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