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VP Groundforce Training Services: Written Case Study

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21% above budget forecast, 20% increase in year end profit and a 22% increase in new clients



Unsettling swings in revenue.

Chris knew that sales are never static, but the company was experiencing what he described as ‘massive swings in revenue’ on a monthly basis. This was extremely unsettling for the team, who found it difficult to stay motivated when times were so uncertain.

What’s forecasting?

Forecasting future profits and growth wasn’t happening. When the company directors asked questions about future sales, there were no answers. The team was working in a reactive environment and were unable to quantify the pipeline.

Reactive not proactive.

There was a sense that Chris felt he’d learned all there is to know and that investing with SalesStar could well be a waste of time. He was thinking reactively rather than proactively.



We knew Chris was a sales leader we could work with. We wanted to help him excel at what he was already good at.

Our plan was:

  • To support Chris in becoming a leader in sales. It was time to learn and master a new skill set in this regard.
  • For the sales team to construct and maintain a pipeline that would provide them with a level of stability.
  • To implement a strategy that would lead to more sales. 

Chris wasn’t backwards in coming forwards when it came to his reservations - we were more than OK with that. It’s always hard to ‘pull the trigger’ on a big purchase. Why should he listen to someone else when he already ‘knew’ sales?

Ultimately, Chris acknowledged that if he was going to lead in sales, he needed support. Being promoted to a managerial role doesn’t mean you suddenly have all of the answers. Quite the opposite - it’s the time that you need the most advice, support and investment in your own development.



Chris had coaching on a fortnightly basis. We worked with him to help him enhance his sales coaching skills and leadership capabilities. He was forced to think about the ways in which he could improve. A big part of the work was helping Chris to understand that improvement is ongoing, there are always new things to learn and consider.

We evaluated the functions and sales process with the company and looked at what each member of the team was good at. We used the Objective Management Group tools to measure what was being achieved against what could be achieved, giving Chris measurable goals to work to.



“Business results have exceeded expectations and Pete has been a part of that success”.

We built a pipeline.

Chris and his team now have a pipeline which is providing the consistency they need. There’s no longer a feeling of dread or stress because of the unknown. When asked; what does next month look like? They’re able to provide solid and reliable answers. They’ve got complete peace of mind.

New clients are a reality.

Chris’s sales leadership has transformed. He’s actively driving accountability in his team and the sales plan is far more rigorous - which impacts positively on securing new business.

Chris has been through the process of overcoming his own objections when it comes to making a big investment. Now he and his team can help their customers do the same. Because Chris is empowered, his team is empowered and this has filtered down to each and every customer they work with.

Whilst he’s had to step out of his comfort zone, he now knows what he needs to do to go from good to great.

Results that speak for themselves.

When it comes to revenue, the company is 21% above budget forecast and up 28% on the previous year. In terms of profit (before interest and tax), the company is 39% above budget and 20% above their previous year.

The business has trained 46% more new delegates than the year before and Chris and his team have seen a 22% increase in new clients coming on board with the company.



Chris Gearren is the General Manager of Vp Groundforce Training Services, an important arm of Groundforce Shorco, a company supplying shoring and trenching systems to those businesses within the engineering industry.

The company works with organisations and business owners to become knowledgeable in, and understand, health and safety training compliance. They offer strategic solutions that are designed to minimise risk and ensure that the employees within businesses are safe in their place of work.

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