Unlike other sales training companies, we don't just give you a brochure of training courses to choose from. 

Instead we partner with you and use a proven methodology based on scientific research that delivers highly predictive solutions to achieve exceptional sales results for your business. 


1. Analysis and diagnostics

Analysis and diagnostics is all about gaining clarity. In order to do this we use award-winning assessment tools to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the people, systems, processes and strategies in your sales organisation.

Only once we have gained clarity about your specific issues will we then recommend a path forward.

2. Establish strategic foundations

The development of your strategic capability - including tools and processess - is essential to overcoming the issues revealed during the analysis and diagnostics phase.

We use a highly interactive programme to ensure improvement of all strategic functions of sales in your business.

3. Sales leadership and Sales team development

Next we formulate a training and development programme for your sales leaders and team members based on the specific issued raised through the evaluation.

Your people are critical to the overall success of your sales performance. Our programmes greatly enhance individual performance, reinforced through our blended learning approach.

4. Coaching and review

Research shows that training on its own is ineffective.  85-90% of managers report no lasting impact from sales training past the initial 120-day post training period.

For this reason we not only provide reinforced learning, we also assist you to bring this programme to life in the real world through coaching with your sales team. And, through review, we bring to life our brand promise: measurable results.

5. Recruiting the right people

Did you know that only 26% of salespeople have the right skills to be successful? Or that there are five major weaknesses that can be identified using the right assessment tools? Or how about the fact that there are only three characteristics that will determine whether a salesperson will be successful?

When you're in the market to hire new staff we have a sales specific recruitment process independently validated to identify and recruit top sales candidates with a success rate of more than 95%. This will allow you to rely on science and not gut instinct to ensure you hire top performers.