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The SalesStar methodology powered by Membrain* includes a pre-configured CRM and sales enablement system, including e-learning, process guidance and how-to's, which will help your salespeople execute best-practises to consistently take prospects from the first contact to close.

*Salesforce plugin available

  • Technology salespeople love
  • Gain full visibility into your pipeline
  • Enable quality sales coaching
  • A Sales methodology that works
  • Improve win rates and forecast accuracy
  • Automated reporting

About the SalesStar Methodology

SalesStar’s STAR Consultative Selling training program is designed for any B2B front line salespersons who wants to consistently achieve exceptional sales results.

Based on comprehensive research on salespeople and sales techniques, STAR Consultative Selling will transform your ability to not only meet and exceed sales targets, but also develop lasting relationships with your clients.


STAR Consultative Selling will teach you:

  • Effective prospecting, rapport building and communication
  • Interviewing and presentation strategies
  • Handling objections
  • Closing strategies


Using Membrain, we provide you with a complete CRM and sales enablement platform with our process and methodology pre-configured. You will be up and running within days, without the costly customizations needed using traditional CRM systems.