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The Modern Science of Sales Person Selection

Using science to remove costly guesswork!

For more than 40 years, companies have been attempting to find a more accurate way to select salespeople who will succeed and, at the same time, reduce employee turnover in their sales organisations.

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"While identifying dozens of weaknesses that could hinder sales performance I discovered five major weaknesses which, when present in certain combinations, prevent salespeople from executing their sales plans making success more uncertain."  - Dave Kurlan

Here are the five major weakness that you will discover in this white paper:

  1. Need to be Liked
  2. Tendency to Become Emotional
  3. Self-Limiting Beliefs
  4. Non-Supportive Buy Cycle (Bad Empathy)
  5. Discomfort with Issues Involving Money

Download this white paper right now, for free, to learn about these five major weakness and how to spot these in future!