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How we do it!



Not sure why you’re not selling as well as you should? You’ve come to the right place.

SalesStar’s STAR Consultative Selling training programme is designed for any front line salespersons who want to overcome their barriers to success and consistently achieve exceptional sales results.

Based on comprehensive research on salespeople and sales techniques, STAR Consultative Selling will transform your ability to not only meet and exceed sales targets, but also develop lasting relationships with your clients.

STAR Consultative Selling will teach you:

  • The core components needed to succeed as a salesperson.
  • How to overcome weaknesses hinder the ability to close sales by as much as 50%.
  • Sales skills such as effective prospecting, rapport building, and communication.
  • Selling techniques such as the STAR pain funnel, handling objections and closing strategies.

To sign up for STAR Consultative Selling and join hundreds of sales people across Australasia, fill in the form and click "Submit".

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