1. No guesswork: We put the science into selling

The research and evaluation tools at our disposal are extensive, insightful and world-class. To date, the findings from evaluating over 1 million sales people from more than 11,000 companies world-wide have contributed to the development of our programmes and the results have been independently validated at over 95% accurate.

We have proven success in predicting sales potential and future performance and in delivering exceptional results.

2. Methodologies that work

We bring you innovative, world-leading tools and programmes that give you immediate results and enduring change.

To date, thousands of people have attended our events and engaged in one of our programmes. As you read this hundreds of sales professionals are engaged in one of our programmes throughout New Zealand, Australia and around the globe.

3. Measurable results

That’s our brand promise and our commitment to you.

Our team will work closely with you to develop measurable and meaningful KPIs and collectively hold you accountable to increase your performance.

We’ll even calculate your ROI to ensure that working with us makes financial sense in every respect.

4. Real experience that is designed to suit YOU

Our team are not just theorists; we’ve been there and done it with years of practical hands-on experience in multiple roles for a variety of industries. From award-winning sales reps and managers through to CEOs and successful business owners, we’ve got the people that have been there and can relate to you, no matter what your needs.

5. We use emerging best practice

Sales has changed more dramatically in the past five years than in the past 50 years. Our team travel extensively to bring you the latest thinking from the world’s top performing companies.

Stay ahead of the game and outsmart your competitors with strategies that are proven to reap results in today's selling environment.